Song Parody – I HATE A.I.

The EverEffect team has a love/hate relationship with some of the artificial intelligence tools that are being promoted. So, we decided to create a parody song to help us relieve some of the stress these tools create for us.  

The song is called; I Hate A.I. (lyrics below).  Also apologies to Randy Newman (I Love L.A.).

Hate A.I. trending.

Results are gut-wrenching.

Let machine learning keep campaigns churning.

Who needs people to maintain control?

It’s only money you’re burning.

For you and me, you bad girl,

Better use A.I. or hit the highway.

Sitting back, watching conversions slide;

Ignore statistics in Analytics.

Better not stop, let it ride.

Increase the Budget, go for the top.

Crank up the max bids, baby,

Don’t let the spending stop!

We’re gonna ride it till …

Until the client is sore.

From PSAs to the Displays.

From the Search Side to the Vid Side.

Everybody’s very angry,

‘Cause results aren’t shining all the time.

Was told this was the perfect way.

I hate A.I. (we hate it)

I hate A.I. (we hate it)

We hate it.

Not asking for too much;

A human touch.

Look at those numbers over there, man,

I’m down on my knees.

Look at the raw data.

There ain’t nothing like it nowhere:

Ever Increasing Costs (we hate it);

New Business Ops Lost (we hate it);

Our clients now want to accost (we hate it).

Bull Scheiss (we hate it, we hate it).

We hate A.I.

I hate A.I. (we hate it).

I hate A.I. (we hate it).

I hate A.I. (we hate it).


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