Our Video Production Solutions include:

  • Commercial Video Production
  • Corporate Video Production
  • Product Video Production
  • Drone Video - FAA Certified
  • Animated 3D Video

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Make your video content engaging, relatable and authentic

Video content in its purest form is engaging, relevant, authentic … visceral. Notice we completely avoid saying video content should be serious or humorous, informational or abstract. We also don’t mention social media, mobile or YouTube.

Why? The reason is because those things are not the primary focus of our video content. Humor, for example, is an approach. YouTube is a delivery vehicle or platform. These details are ironed out in the creative process and dialogue with clients.

The big secret here (and it sounds soooo obvious but is dusted under the rug 99% of the time) is to make your content engaging, relatable and authentic. By using these three attributes as your launchpad, your content will always be true to your brand and your audience.

Yes, there is a process, and it is also important, but if you focus first on keeping your content engaging, relatable and authentic at its very core, then together we will work toward your desired results.

Is creating video content difficult?

No. EverEffect will do all the heavy lifting. While we believe in true collaboration, our goal is for you to focus on your business. EverEffect will meet with you, provide a creative strategy and take care of all the technical details when it’s time to shoot, edit and deliver your content.

How long does the video production process take?

Look, we understand you already have a full-time job and tons of demands on your time. In terms of actual hours (start to finish), we would probably ask for only 10-14 hours of your time over the course of a few weeks.

Sample breakdown:

  • Creative Strategy/Objectives (1hr)
  • Interview questions/Scheduling (2hrs)
  • Confirmation Call (1hr)
  • Video Shoot (4-8 hrs)
  • Video review of 1st Drafts (1hr)
  • Final Review/Approval (1hr)

Is video production expensive?

The ideal answer is ‘No’, but there are always exceptions. By its very nature, the word expense has a negative connotation. We prefer the word invest. Many businesses have not ear-marked video content as part of their marketing budgets. Others can run up the expense by making changes to the video, exceed the original budget, due to poor planning. You will not do this…we won’t let it happen.

How does video content help my business?

Increased visibility…Awareness…24/7 accessibility…Customers insights. The list is unending. EverEffect will work with you to identify your goals and provide valuable data to help improve your marketing efforts.

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What are the benefits of working with EverEffect?

We only succeed if you succeed in reaching your objective. As partner-providers, we offer new insight with a completely holistic approach that blends the best video has to offer with our strength in analytics.