The Trust Fall of Partnering with a Digital Marketing Agency

Do you remember the scene in the movie, Mean Girls where all the female students write apologies to the people they have hurt in their lives, read them aloud and finish with a trust fall? Yes, that trust-building game where a person deliberately falls free, relying on their friends to catch them …

Sometimes, partnering with a digital marketing agency on your Very Important Marketing Project can feel a lot like participating in a trust fall. Although in my mind, a true trust fall would be the equivalent of handing them a blank check and not having expectations and goals for the project that are clearly defined and measurable. In this case, you will hit the ground hard.
After watching comedian Tosh.0’s trust fall segment on Comedy Central though, I ponder even deeper about the trust fall. Is Tosh.0 correct in saying, “It’s really not about trust at all, but testing arm strength?”

090616_EverEffect_TrustFall_Tosh0(Mature Content/NSFW)

Still with me? Good. Because I’ve concluded that your business participating in the metaphorical trust fall should be mandatory. Why? It is likely your competition is already trust falling, and if your site is not converting prospects into sales or leads, those potential customers can end up as easy pickings for your competitors!

Now, Let’s Talk Arm Strength

The art and science of effective digital marketing is more than a #1 ranking on Google or getting umpteen likes on a Facebook post. We digital marketers work hard for our clients’ online success and it’s no big industry secret how we do it.

We start at the end. 

With your desired results and our digital arm strength, we’re ready to catch you when you’re trust falling, rather than ending up a trust fall fail.


As Partner & Vice President of Video Content, Ron Tupper is trusted with everything from project management, image branding, marketing and management of staff, including the direction of their growth. His success comes from understanding and exceeding client expectations. Ron is honored with numerous creative awards, as well as professional recommendations and repeat business. If you’re curious about what we’re thinking, give our posts a read. Or give us a call at 888-506-2183 for a face-to-face.

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