Effective Keyword Selection & Management

Do cats really like to cuddle?

What does cat cuddling have to do with Pay Per Click? Only everything.
Over the years, we’ve managed PPC Accounts containing well over one million Keywords combined. To date, one Keyword stands out. A one-in-a-million Keyword. A stunning Keyword, not for its relevance or startling performance. For its mere existence: do cats really like to cuddle?
This Keyword not only showed up in a Global SaaS Firm’s Search Term Report, this company was actually bidding on it! Worse, people were actually clicking on it. “Oh, the humanity!”
No other Keywords like this are in the SaaS’s Account, although eliminating do cats really like to cuddle? plus thousands of other non-relevant terms, restructuring Ad Groups and the aggressive addition of Negative Keywords resulted in a year-one spending reduction of $240,000 … 67% of this company’s total annual PPC spend.
The bonus? Lead Volume increased 15% while CPL dropped by 42%, at one-third of the cost!
One of the key measurements of PPC Management Company effectiveness is Keyword Selection and Management. Is your agency selecting, implementing and measuring the performance of Keywords aligned with your business goals? Is your agency pausing or deleting under-performing search terms? Do you – the client – even know what Keywords your Agency is bidding on?
EverEffect, in addition to monthly PPC Account Management, audits existing PPC Accounts and provides detailed recommendations for Account Optimization. With respect to Keyword Selection, we uncover three common issues:

  1. You are bidding on Keyword Terms for Products/Services you do not provide.
  2. You are bidding on Local Keyword Terms in areas you do not serve.
  3. You have not enabled Conversion Tracking, and do not know what Keywords are actually generating profitable business for you (Leads or Transactions).

Selecting Keywords to test is easy. Understanding which ones to keep and which ones to throw out, is harder. With the exception of Keywords like, do cats really like to cuddle?


EverEffect Founder & President Thomas Heed and his team specialize in Strategic Planning, Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing (Program Development, Implementation, and Control), Factor Analysis, M&A and Writing/Producing/Directing for Video & Film Production. If you’re curious about what our goals are and what we’re thinking, give our posts a read. Or give us a call at 888-506-2183 for a face-to-face.

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