Patient-Centered Marketing for Sports Physical Therapy Clinics

Patient-centered care is today’s emerging care model – it puts patients at the center of the decisions that impact their health.

You probably think that’s as it should be. But this approach means that providers in all healthcare disciplines must change the way care is delivered to incorporate more collaboration, more transparency, and the robust use of technology that nurtures the free exchange of information between all providers.

This emerging paradigm means a shift in the way providers market: Marketing directly to patients is becoming absolutely crucial.

Keeping all of this in mind, here’s what you need to know so you can focus your marketing strategy on what patients care about most.

  1. Develop Your Value Proposition

A baseline measurement of your strengths and weaknesses is a good starting point for any digital marketing strategy, and it’s especially important for one that targets patients. You must know what you have to offer before you can actually market it, and you should only market things that you’re able to successfully deliver.

With patient-centered marketing, patients are likely to air their grievances about particular providers on social media or review sites. Pay attention to this, and collect and track them so you’ll know where your clinic excels, and what could use more attention before you highlight it in a marketing campaign.

  1. Message with Purpose

A tailored message that gets to the heart of what your patients want to achieve when they see you is a must if you want your messages to be effective. For example, a patient with a knee injury will want to know that you’re great at treating that sort of thing.

And make sure your message is supported with outcomes data that proves and speaks to your successful track record.

  1. Target Your Audience

After you’ve assessed your strengths and weaknesses and developed your marketing message, you have to serve it up to your potential patients. Be sure to train your entire staff on how to use outcomes data to market to those soon-to-be patients they interact with daily.

But, to get your message out to a wider audience, take it online. As you likely know,  more and more patients are researching treatment and provider options online before they make a decision or even step foot in a doctor’s office.

  1. The Power of Social Proof

Patient reviews are what you want. Good patient reviews. While you can publish a really compelling marketing message, they will never have the power of a patient review.

Prospective clients know you’re biased about your services. Patients can provide well-rounded, objective feedback about their experience. To garner the type of social proof prospective patients are looking for, you’ll want to generate an arsenal of positive online reviews on the most popular review sites for your type of business.

How To Increase and Improve Online Reviews

Improve your online reviews with tips from BigCommerce that work no matter the size of your business:

  • Put your reviews front and center. Consider placing some on your homepage. 
  • Get on the same sites as your customers. Make your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts easily accessible from your site so customers can reach out.
  • Follow up with patients. Send an email after you’ve seen them and ask about their experience.
  • Ask the right questions. Know the type of answers you want before you start asking for them. What is your target audience interested in? What are their biggest concerns? 
  • Contact patients who leave you glowing reviews. If you notice a glowing review, say thanks! 
  • Contact those who leave you negative reviews. Ignoring these types of reviews won’t make them go away. Try to respond to negative reviews, especially if you think the reviewer is justified in their complaint or others have complained about the same issue. Use this as an opportunity to learn from your patients and improve your business.
  • Give your patients a reason to review you. Do something simple, like writing a personalized thank you note. It will go a long way in making your patients feel warm and fuzzy. 


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