Dynamic SEO Increases Organic CTR on Valentine's Day

First let’s lay out some definitions:
Dynamic SEO – Are you paying an SEO Firm a Monthly fee?  Then you better have dynamic / always evolving & improving SEO.  IMPORTANT NOTE: Your SEO Firm cannot be satisfied with just getting your website to the number one ranking on Google—this is only part of the battle as shown below.
Organic CTR – Organic CTR or Organic Click Through Rate is the number of times your organic listing is clicked on divided by the number of impressions it receives. IMPORTANT NOTE:  Using Google Webmaster Tools will give you the number of impressions for your top five keywords; however, you will need to use your average local keyword search volume as a guide for your impressions in all other cases.

Why is Dynamic SEO Important?

If you are anything like me, Valentine’s Day comes with an agenda that starts out with finding the right gift for your Valentine.  Like many, I use Google and search some ideas, but always seem to end up looking for “flowers”.  For those of you in the Flower Business, Valentine’s Day is like Black Friday.  Just take a look at Google Trends for the keyword “flowers” over the last thirty days:

dynamic seo

WOW, Look at the spike on February 11th looks like a lot of people procrastinated!  Now let’s take a look at the search results in Google for “flowers”.

organic ctr

Which result stands out to you?

You will notice which link was the most related in my mind “Valentine’s Day Flowers | Florist-Designed Flower Arrangements…” According to a study published by Chitika Insights the number one spot obtains 34.35% of all traffic; but given the example above the Dynamic SEO which was performed allows the website in position #2: 1800flowers.com to actually pull in a greater amount of traffic and is better optimized given the circumstances that it is indeed Valentine’s Day.
A company that can recognize that SEO is dynamic and tests different messaging in your Title Tags and Meta Descriptions will increase your organic CTR.  Also, they will be much more successful than those who are just satisfied with ranking in the first position.
You or your SEO Firm should be monitoring your organic CTR and benchmarking it.  If your website averages position 1 for the keyword “flowers” and there are 6 million searches you should be getting about 2 million clicks per month at a CTR of 34.35% (data based on study by Chitika Insights).  However, upon analysis if you find that you are only receiving 2,000 clicks a month, the question becomes are your Title Tag and Meta Description aligned properly with your keyword or is your website only ranking locally verses nationally / globally.
This is just one of the reasons why EverEffect is different than most SEO Companies; we want to help improve the performance of your website by increasing your revenues and reach; not just claiming you as a client who obtained number one ranking for a keyword.

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