9 Digital Marketing Challenges

The obstacles in digital marketing are varied; some are common across the industry, while others seem exclusive to a specific business. In this blog, we examine the significant difficulties that brands are confronting in their current digital marketing efforts. 

We’ve also incorporated suggestions for those searching for digital marketing strategies and tactics to brave these challenges successfully.

Digital Marketing Challenge #1 – Generating Online Leads & Traffic

Digital marketers consistently concentrate on driving traffic that can eventually be converted. Despite the ongoing changes in privacy and tracking limitations, it could be a lot clearer scenario for marketers. It’s essential to reassess your digital marketing strategy, tactics, and approach to generating traffic and leads. For example, content marketing still successfully attracts qualified leads, so it would be beneficial to intensify your initiatives in this tactic.

In producing content aimed at conversion, examining your website or social media analytics would be helpful. Identify the kind of content your audience finds most engaging and the platforms that yield the highest traffic for you.

Digital Marketing Challenge #2 – Evolution of Artificial Intelligence

Every month a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool is available to help the digital marketer. AI is reshaping how digital work will be completed.   

Today, AI can streamline real-time bid optimization, examine ad performance, and forecast future results. They are empowering digital marketers with data-driven decisions. AI analyzes real-time website traffic, detect trends, and recommend enhancements to improve search engine visibility. AI tools analyze user behaviors and preferences, automate social posts, and even engage in customer interactions. 

The digital marketer cannot sit back and watch the AI evolution. We must adopt AI into our daily operations to be more efficient. AI makes the digital marketer more strategic and gives you a competitive advantage.

Digital Marketing Challenge #3 – Funding Digital Marketing Initiatives

Many economists maintain that the U.S. has not yet entered a recession, despite growing anxieties and evident indications. In light of the ongoing economic decline, business financial instability compounds the challenges encountered in marketing. As we transition back to “normal,” in-house digital marketers are anxious about retaining their existing funding and procuring new financial resources for future activities, from paid search advertising to expanding SEO services.

One strategy to counter this is by convincingly showing a clear return on investment (ROI) for your digital marketing campaigns. This can be accomplished by establishing and monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs), such as the count of website registrations or downloads.

Digital Marketing Challenge #4 – Finding & Retaining Top Talent

Due to the uncertainties caused by the pandemic and inflation, a job crisis known as “The Great Resignation” has jumped into the mainstream news media. Countless workers have willingly resigned from their positions in search of better opportunities. They seek a higher pay scale and a more flexible work environment. The need for exceptional marketing professionals escalates as digital marketing trends become more complex. Employers are on the hunt for individuals with robust digital marketing skill sets.

Let’s remember that after successfully recruiting top-tier talents, the subsequent challenge of employee retention. It’s vital to consciously cultivate a positive workplace environment and delineate a clear career progression for your team members.

Digital Marketing Challenge #5 – Brand Awareness

Digital marketing and brand awareness come with their own set of challenges. The digital marketing landscape is constantly evolving; marketers must stay updated and adapt to these changes to maintain their brand’s visibility and relevance.

The internet is saturated with content, making it difficult for brands to stand out and reach their target audience effectively. Also, ensuring a consistent brand voice and messaging across all channels and platforms can be challenging, especially for businesses operating on a global scale or across multiple platforms.

Capturing and maintaining the audience’s attention amidst digital distractions is a significant challenge. Brands need to create compelling, personalized content to engage their audience effectively. Let’s remember the limited budgets for small and medium-sized businesses that can make competing with larger, established brands difficult.

Digital Marketing Challenge #6 – Expanding Customer Journey

The emergence of various social platforms and channels has resulted in a complicated customer journey. Businesses need to adopt a cross-channel marketing approach. This marketing strategy connects online marketing tactics to provide a smooth and compelling customer experience at every interaction point. Many companies need help to adjust their strategy and offer a cross-channel experience.

One obstacle many businesses encounter with a cross-channel marketing strategy is the attempt to promote their brand simultaneously across all channels. While that is the ultimate aim, a good starting point could be integrating your social media pages with your company website and email campaigns.

Digital Marketing Challenge #7 – Google’s SERPs Experience

The continuous evolution of search engine optimization (SEO) directly results from the constant updates to Google’s algorithms and search engine result pages. Many businesses face underperforming content and low search rankings. These issues can be traced back to the numerous updates Google has rolled out. Google updates its algorithm thousands of times yearly to enhance user experience and results. However, these updates often lead to a drop in site rankings and render existing strategies obsolete.

Your website content must provide value to users consistently. If Google’s goal is to enhance user experience, your website must follow that thinking.

Digital Marketing Challenge #8 – Website Accessibility

Businesses face challenges when it comes to implementing website accessibility. Ensuring your website is accessible guarantees that all potential users, including those with disabilities, have a positive experience. For example, adding alt text to every image on your blog will enable those with visual impairments to comprehend the content. Alt texts also serve as metadata that aids in search optimization.

Consider visiting the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) website. This organization leads the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI), providing businesses and individuals with strategies, standards, and resources to make the web more accessible for people with disabilities.

Digital Marketing Challenge #9 – Resisting The Shining New Trends

It’s well-known that staying abreast of trends enables brands and individuals, especially influencers, to maintain relevance and draw in viewers. However, digital marketing trends are always shifting with the unending stream of online content. Online marketing strategies like social listening and competitor analysis are crucial to create content that aligns with the latest trends.

It’s essential to be discerning and only engage with trends that resonate with your brand, offerings, and target audience. Doing otherwise may lead to a surge in views but minimal conversions.

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