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google screened



The Google Screened Badge lets potential customers book professional services like a financial planner or lawyer with confidence, knowing that the service provider has been verified by Google. Badge type is based on industry, not level of verification.

Build a great reputation online

The Google Screened badge can be displayed alongside the service provider’s business name, helping potential customers know that they’re booking with a reputable business.

Build trust

Professional service providers can follow up with customers and ask them to review and share their experiences, making it easy to stay on top of customer feedback.

How Google Screened Works

Businesses eligible to become Google Screened must first pass Google’s screening and qualification process which includes background checks and license checks depending on the specific business category. If your business meets the qualifications, your business will be featured on Google with a Google Screened icon – this lets consumers know that Google has thoroughly vetted your business and conveys credibility.

Once your business is Google Screened verified, you will be eligible to run Google Local Services ads. Google Local Services ads are positioned at the VERY top of relevant Google search results, even above the paid ads. Professional service providers who are running Google Local Services ads are only paying for actual qualified leads, not clicks.