We begin with fully understanding your business goals and aligning our entire keyword research process around meeting your objectives.


The EverEffect Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Approach

The EverEffect Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Approach is holistic when it comes to On-Site SEO.  This means it’s our job to optimize your entire website for SEO.  There are many factors that go into a properly optimized website for SEO. When all factors have been incorporated and new content is added on a regular basis; you will have a fine tuned machine of a website that that is geared to rank well within the search engines.

In The Beginning…There was Keyword Research

Before we can start optimizing the pages on your website, we need to know what target keywords we should incorporate.   Everything starts with proper keyword research.  We begin with fully understanding your business goals and aligning our entire keyword research process around meeting your objectives.

SEO On-Page Optimization Factors

On page SEO refers to optimization of various page elements like browser titles, meta descriptions, page headers, content structure, internal linking, and many more to make your website as search engine friendly as possible.   Below are some of the important On Page SEO factors we will focus on.

  • Title Optimization– Title tag is the first and foremost thing for your web page to be listed in Search Engine results. This tag tells the search engines what your page is about.  You must ensure that every page has its own browser title.  The length of the tag should not exceed 70 characters including spaces if anything longer than that search engines cuts part of your title and replaced with dots.
  • Meta Description Optimization – Meta descriptions are in the head section of the web page and appear with in the search results right under the main link.  They are not a factor in how a page ranks on a keyword, but they are important.   The text is the first thing your potential customer read before entering your website.  Meta description should be unique for each page in your website, containing phrases relevant to your page content.
  • Content Optimization – Content is king in SEO and unique, target keyword rich content is the most important factor to move your site to the top of the search results. If you add content on a regular basis search engine visits your website more frequently.
  • Internal Link Structure – Internal Link Structure is an important and complex part of On Site Optimization. Linking certain important page from home page and some other popular pages on your website gives a lot of quality links to your website.

Local SEO is a Unique Opportunity for Businesses

Local search optimization is a set of processes to make your business’ online presence appear more prominently in local search results when customers look for you on any device. If your business relies on local traffic, it is imperative that part of your online search strategy is local search optimization. Google, Yahoo and Bing, all now have local search results, and they mix them right into the normal ranking pages.

This is a unique opportunity for most businesses. Why? We would bet that most of your online competition has not optimized their websites for local search. Below are some of the local search strategies we pursue for our customers.

On-Site SEO for Local Optimization

The main objective of On-Site SEO Optimization is making your website relevant to search engines for your targeted keywords (and your local targeted keywords). This process is the first activity that we will do for better keyword ranking position in your targeted local search market.

Items we will focus on will include your location (such as city name) in your browser titles and meta tags. Also, incorporate local target keywords into your website content. As well as reinforce location terms within your content development strategy.

Making the Most of Local Search Directories

Local search optimization includes keeping your business location listed and up-to-date in local search directories such as, Google and Bing Local for Businesses. Similar to the search engines, local directories can be competitive as well. It is important to fill out all the available fields these services provide, as well as keeping your information accurate and current so that your customers can find you.

Use Social Media for Local Search

Social media offers a new way for customers to engage with businesses and report their feedback. Also, by keeping your social business profiles up-to-date and complete, you allow your customers better access to finding you. Improving your web content and adding key location information will also increase your search result ranking in local markets. With the addition of social media, your local search optimization plan can bring you the customer engagement and local traffic your business needs.