Increasing your return on ad spend (ROAS) while decreasing your costs


This is the part where most paid search services will tell you…

  • how popular paid search marketing is
  • how many billions of dollars are spent on PPC advertising each year
  • how much more is going to be spent in the next two years
  • how utterly complex pay per click management is

Not us. Not now.

What do you really care about: how many billions everybody else is spending, or how much you’re making?

Our PPC Services focus around our core philosophy: if we aren’t helping you make a boat load of money, we need to work harder. Our confidence comes from our advanced knowledge of internet marketing and pay per click advertising which allows us to focus on increasing your return on ad spend (ROAS) while decreasing your costs.

How do we go about making you a boat load of money? We first evaluate how you make money then we optimize your PPC account to focus on those areas. If we are managing your PPC account 90% of your PPC budget will be focused on what we know is working, while 10% will be focusing on find new areas to grow your business. This balance allows us not only to hit our PPC Client’s goals but helps them continually grow.

There is some skill involved, and experience helps, but there is nothing mysterious or voodoo-like when it comes to successful pay per click account management. It’s really quite simple. You have a product or service to sell. Okay. Pay per click account management is hard work, and time-consuming; it is not mysterious or complex.

EverEffect’s PPC reporting includes both weekly & monthly PPC Scorecards which outline our account changes, month-to-month goals vs. results, as well as the performance pacing on your personally defined PPC Goals.

What makes EverEffect different than the other PPC Management Agencies?

  • We allow you to set your own performance goals and we work relentlessly to obtain them.
  • While some of our competitors have a set maximum number of hours they will work on your account each month, our PPC Experts will spend as much time on your account as it takes to make you successful.
  • We utilize both our PPC and Web Analytic Professionals to ensure our clients success.
  • The PPC Account always remains yours as well as all of the changes we perform on your behalf.