Increasing your return on ad spend (ROAS) while decreasing your costs


Professional PPC Management

Increasing your return on ad spend (ROAS) while decreasing your costs

When you work with EverEffect, you get more than just your average PPC management agency. We don’t believe in using a ton of industry jargon to overwhelm you and trick you into thinking we are the best—we give it to you straight and are clear about what PPC is and what we do right from the start so you can see for yourself that we mean business and are the best choice to help your business succeed. 

So what sets EverEffect apart?

  • We allow you to set your own performance goals and we work relentlessly to obtain them.
  • While some of our competitors have a set maximum number of hours they will work on your account each month, our PPC Experts will spend as much time on your account as it takes to make you successful.
  • We utilize both our PPC and Web Analytic Professionals to ensure our clients’ success.
  • The PPC Account always remains yours as well as all of the changes we perform on your behalf.

What is PPC Advertising and Why Do You Need It? 

PPC, which stands for Pay Per Click, is a digital advertising model where you pay a provider, such as Google, to promote your ads to your target audience. And, as the name implies, each time one of your targeted customers clicks on your ad, you pay a fee that goes to the provider for the service they provided by helping you attract customers. 

This newer method of advertising is ideal because instead of continuously paying for an ad to run, you only pay when it works—when someone clicks. This, in and of itself, proves that targeted PPC ads work and are more efficient. Instead of annoying ads popping up all over the place where they are irrelevant to the customer and interrupt their browsing, targeted PPC ads only show up for a specific customer and when that customer specifically needs the thing that is being advertised to them. Thus PPC ads are more likely to get clicks. 

But don’t take our word for it. Just look at some of the most recent stats regarding PPC advertising from the past few years:

  • PPC advertisements have a 200% ROI
  • PPC generates twice as much traffic compared to only using SEO
  • PPC ads can help increase brand awareness by up to 80%
  • 65% of targeted consumers click on PPC ads versus other kinds of advertising
  • Paid advertising returns $2 for every $1 spent
  • Traffic from PPC yields 50% more conversions than organic advertising

Why Pay Per Click Matters

All business decisions, especially those that cost money, are a risk—there is no reason to deny this fact. So it’s understandable that you would want to know the full benefits of using PPC beyond statistics to justify spending your time and money on it. There are countless benefits to using PPC advertising including:

It’s more cost-efficient 

A common misunderstanding regarding PPC advertising is that it costs more money because you pay every time a customer clicks, but this reasoning is untrue. While you do pay each time your target ad gets clicked, you will ultimately spend less money this way than you would pay to continuously run organic ads in places where your target audience might not even see them. Furthermore, PPC ads yield higher returns, which more than makeup for the money you spend on them in the first place. 

It’s the fastest way to start receiving clicks and driving traffic to your website.

It takes minimal time and effort to set up an ad account and create PPC ads. And once your ads go live, you can start appearing in front of targeted customers and get clicks very quickly. Much quicker in comparison to other methods of driving traffic, such as SEO. 

While SEO is still an essential part of any company’s marketing and growth strategy, it takes a lot longer for SEO results to become apparent. It also takes much longer to create SEO content than it does a PPC ad. Thus, paid advertising can help you start driving traffic right away while you are waiting for returns on your SEO efforts. 

It’s easier to track and measure results.

One of the hardest parts of certain digital marketing strategies is the inability to show clients the fruits of their labor right away. Or in other words, it’s not always easy with certain marketing methods to test and track your efforts to show that it is working. PPC advertising, however, is easy to test, track, and measure. 

All major platforms that offer PPC services, such as Google or Bing, allow you to track your ad metrics. You can track and measure conversions, lead values, and ROI. Having access to this data so quickly can then allow you to continuously make adjustments and refine your ad campaign to improve its performance over time. 

It offers you full control.

The nice thing about PPC advertising is that it offers you more control over when your ads run and how much you pay. PPC advertising offers several features that allow you to run your ads in whatever way works best for your company. 

For example, you can set keywords and placements for better targeting. You can choose the time of day and the day of the week your ads run. You can turn ads on and off whenever you choose. And you can set your budget for how much you spend each day or how much you pay per click. 

How Our PPC Management Process Works

Our PPC management process is centered around our core philosophy: if we aren’t increasing your traffic and boosting your sales, we need to work harder. Our confidence comes from our advanced knowledge of internet marketing and pay-per-click advertising, which allows us to focus on increasing your return on ad spend (ROAS) while decreasing your costs.

How do we go about doing this? First, we evaluate how you make money; then, we optimize your PPC account to focus on those areas. If we manage your PPC account, 90% of your PPC budget will be focused on what we know is working, while 10% will focus on finding new areas to grow your business. This balance allows us not only to hit your goals but helps you continually grow.

What’s Included in Our PPC Management Services

EverEffect’s PPC advertising is cost-efficient and proven to generate leads, increase ROI, and boost sales. When you work with us, you get:

Competitor Analysis & Keyword Research

We will perform a market analysis of your industry and local competitors and top search terms and monthly search volumes. This will help us develop an ad strategy and set goals that will help you increase traffic and conversions in your market. 

Custom Ads

After conducting research and analysis, we will use what we learn to create ads customized to your specific needs using high-performing copy and creative content. 

Data Tracking and Analytics

Once your ads are live, we will continually track and analyze their performance to ensure they are working. This includes tracking ad positions, click-through rates, cost-per-click, leads, conversion, and sales. If something isn’t working, we will step in to make changes and adjustments as needed. 

Paid Search Campaigns

With our thorough PPC management, you get paid ads, PPC landing page optimizations, and paid search and SEO campaigns.  

Full PPC Management and Reporting

We also provide full reporting, which includes both weekly & monthly PPC Scorecards that outline our account changes, month-to-month goals vs. results, as well as the performance pacing on your personally defined PPC Goals.

Why Choose EverEffect as Your Indianapolis PPC Management Agency? 

When you work with our professional PPC Management Team, you get:


We believe that honesty is the best policy. There is no need to beat around the bush when you work with us. We are dedicated to providing quality, honest services to our clients that genuinely help them succeed—because when our clients are happy, we’re happy. 

Client-Focused Approach

A lot of digital marketing agencies are focused on delivering their own results and boosting their own profits, but not us. While making money is important, we couldn’t do what we do without our clients. That’s why we believe in taking a client-focused approach to ensure we are meeting your needs first. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to carry out our ad campaigns that follow through on our promises and meet your goals and expectations. 

PPC Experts

At EverEffect, we have the experience and skills necessary to deliver results, it’s that simple. We won’t pretend to be something we are not. Each and every approach we take with a client is unique, because that’s what a true professional does. We understand that PPC is not a one-size-fits-all approach. We go above and beyond to deliver superior service that is customized to the client’s individual needs—that’s how you deliver results. 

We also won’t lie and say that we’re perfect. Becoming an expert requires making mistakes and learning from them. We have faced setbacks along the way like anyone else, but that is what has allowed us to grow and become the experts in PPC management that we are today.  

Professional PPC Management Services Proven to Deliver Results

Comprised of a cutting-edge team of internet marketing experts, EverEffect knows how to create ads that convert. We are committed to client success and helping you achieve your goals through quality, PPC data-driven ads. 

Let’s chat about your customized paid search strategy today! Call 888.506.2183 or send us a message.