Content is about so much more than what you say. It's also about how you say it.


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Content is about so much more than what you say. It’s also about how you say it. 

At EverEffect, we believe that producing great quality content is the most significant factor in optimizing your site. And when we say “quality content” we mean a whole lot more than making sure it’s grammatically correct or has a nice writing style. 

Content is about so much more than what you say. It’s about how you say it. When we develop quality content, it involves a thorough strategy that is tailored specifically to your brand to give you the best possible results. 

Why Optimized Content Marketing Services Are Essential

Content is king — and if you want your business to stand out from the crowd and get noticed on the internet, you need quality, optimized content that is crafted to drive brand awareness and increase conversion rates. In today’s digital world, relying solely on traditional marketing will get you nowhere. Digital content is a must. 

  • 78% of brands that are successful have a documented content marketing strategy.
  • 73% of brands spend the majority of their budget on content marketing. 
  • 55% of successful content marketing strategies focused on improving the quality of content. 
  • 73% of brands plan to increase their content marketing budget in 2022.

Not only does quality content generate leads, but it promotes your brand, helping you stand out amongst the competition. With more and more brands increasing their content marketing budgets, having an optimized content strategy that expands your reach is crucial. No matter the size of your business or your industry, content marketing is the most effective way to promote your company and drive growth. 

Content Strategy, Development, and SEO

Our Content Development Strategy will give you an insight into what you’re already doing well, where you need some work, and where you need to revamp your content and start over completely. Incorporated into your personalized Content Marketing Strategy, you will get an extensive review of in-depth Keyword Research that is specifically tailored to your business so we can develop unique Keyword Rich Content. 

You will also be given ongoing support in the management and On-Site Optimization of that Keyword Rich Content to provide you with Top Search Engine Rankings. We want your customers to find you without having to search very hard! 

Increase Traffic and Improve Conversion Rates

Content marketing isn’t just about driving traffic and getting more views; it’s about attracting the right people that will be driven to take action. Expanding your reach with optimized content is one thing, but what’s the point of going through all that effort if you’re not attracting the right people? Our strategy works to both increase brand awareness by driving traffic to your site and ensuring the relevance of that traffic produces quality leads and conversions. 

Web traffic is considered to be among one of the top common measurements of success for marketing strategies. 46% of brands make SEO-driven content a priority because it helps them improve the relevance of the traffic driven to their site. In fact, 60% of customers say they are inspired to seek out a product or a service after reading quality content about it. 

Build Brand Loyalty

70% of customers say they would rather learn about a company and the services or products they provide through a blog or an article versus an advert. Consumers prefer reading quality, relevant content that is targeted to their needs, and they feel more positive about a brand after reading custom content. Consumers also feel more loyal and personally invested in a company that uses quality content marketing. 

By partnering with EverEffect, you can improve your credibility among prospective customers and earn their trust. Furthermore, our optimized content strategy specifically tailored to your brand and target audience will improve the outcome of your paid and organic search efforts. 

Overall, quality optimized content generates more leads, keeps the readers attention, improves brand loyalty, and increases direct sales. 

How Keyword Research Works

When we talk about optimized content, we believe it’s helpful to educate our clients on the process, so they fully understand what we are doing for them and why it works. Throwing numbers and statistics and marketing jargon at clients can leave them confused and unsure about the process. 

We want you to believe in the power of content marketing just as much as we do! Just as you seek to build trust and loyalty with potential customers, we want you to trust us. 

Our process is to work with your brand to understand your goals fully, and from there, we will develop a strategy tailored to your needs using search engine optimized (SEO) content. And the key to creating SEO content is to conduct keyword research. 

This means we will analyze data to discover the keywords or topics that matter most to your targeted audience. From there, we use those keywords to develop unique content that drives relevant, high-quality traffic to your website. 

What are keywords exactly, and how do we choose them? 

Keywords are essentially a series of words or phrases matched to questions commonly used by consumers when searching for something they need. Or in other words, keywords are a phrase that answers the question a potential customer is asking. 

For example, a customer that needs help after a car accident might ask—how do I file a personal injury claim? Or how much compensation can I get after a car accident? To then answer those questions and drive traffic to a law firm’s website, you might use keywords such as “filing a personal injury claim” or “car accident compensation.” 

Choosing which keywords are the right ones will depend on a number of factors, which is what we look at when conducting keyword research. This can include:

Search Volume and User Intent

You want content that utilizes keywords with high search volumes from monthly searches to expand your reach. However, it’s not just about using keywords with high search rates but also keywords that answer the right questions and target the right audience. Again, quality content doesn’t just increase traffic; it increases relevant traffic. Sometimes, choosing keywords is more about their relevance than their search volume. 

Competing keywords

While you want to rank higher in search results than your competitors, it’s not always wise to use the same high-competition keywords to do so. We will thoroughly evaluate high-ranking keywords and how competitors use them to develop the best strategy and determine the right keywords for you. 

Cost-per-click (CPC)

CPC is an essential part of developing quality, optimized content. By evaluating CPC numbers, we can determine a keyword’s potential value and its relevance for your business. 

After we have conducted a thorough keyword analysis, we will develop a content strategy and then create the content. 

EverEffect’s Content Marketing Services

To determine what content your brand needs, we will first conduct an audit of your existing content. Some content might remain, some might need updating, and some might get removed or consolidated. We will fully analyze all of your website content and investigate its performance to decide how best to proceed. 

We will also gather data on your competitors to see what they are doing and what’s working for them to create better content to help you get ahead. From there, we will map out the customer journey and how they are likely to interact with your brand and your website to create fresh, unique content to fill in any remaining gaps and increase traffic. 

After we develop a digital marketing strategy, we will provide you with content briefs and deliver a content calendar tailored to your marketing goals and the customer journey. These briefs are a straightforward overview of everything we will be doing for you, including:

  • Overall strategy
  • Keyword research
  • SEO page structure
  • Target word count
  • Title, meta, and calls-to-action
  • Linking opportunities
  • Complete content outline

Product & Service Content Writing Services

As SEO experts, we will create content that is specific to the needs of your company and its website. We will work with you to develop accurate, relevant Keyword Rich Content to boost your Search Engine Traffic and Conversion Rates. This includes reworking existing titles, headings, copy, etc., and developing new fresh content. 

Overall, the content we can provide includes:

  • Webpage copy and content
  • Blogs
  • Social media content
  • Gated content
  • Email content 
  • And more!

Blog Content Writing Services

Providing the public with a steady stream of quality content can not only engage current customers it can also attract potential customers through Top Search Engine Rankings. But blogging is more than meets the eye. As part of your On-Site Optimization strategy, there is a specific way to do things to get the best results. The thing is, that “specific way” is different for everybody. We won’t recommend the same blogging strategy for a doctor’s office that we might recommend for a hotel or an auto shop.

Everybody has a different product, and everybody attracts their customers differently. Let us help you determine what your “different way” is, and let’s get your blogging and content development strategy underway!

Quality Content That Drives Sales and Promotes Growth

Comprised of a cutting-edge team of internet marketing experts, EverEffect knows how to create content that converts. We are committed to client success and helping you achieve your goals through quality, SEO-optimized, revenue-driven content. 

Whether it’s revamping your existing website or providing a new stream of unique content and fresh copy, our team can help you tell your story to increase traffic and conversions. 

Let us help make your vision a reality! Contact us at 888.506.2183 or send us a message.