Get a Piece of the (Pumpkin?) Pie – Talking Turkey About Social Media

Over 60% of American adults are now using either Facebook or Twitter, according to a Pew Research report, and Experian Hitwise shows that Facebook alone had over 1.6 billion visits for the week ending October 27, 2012. paysafecard السعودية With this kind of traffic, it’s no surprise that businesses are quickly launching social media campaigns to grab their pieces of the social network pie.
While engaging in social media can be great for branding, it is important for businesses to strategize their campaign just as one would go about preparing a Thanksgiving feast. دانيال الفيس Here are a few tips when considering using social media for your business.
Plan your menu first.
As businesses eagerly jump on social media to sell their products and brand messaging, it can be easy to get carried away, just as if you were to walk into the grocery store before the holiday without a list. Have goals and long-range plans in mind before initiating a social media campaign. Too much too soon can be hard to control and lead to burn out from both you and your customers.
Communicate with your guests.
You work hard to please all of your guests and visitors, giving them personal attention to make your gathering enjoyable. It can be tempting to mass-produce our social media messages, but whether it’s sending out canned responses on Facebook or using automated programs to constantly Tweet to our followers, you pose the risk of running all the life out of your social media campaign. It’s the genuine interactions that will pay off more than the pre-loaded responses.
Serve at the right time.
Just as you aren’t likely to serve the pumpkin pie before the turkey and stuffing, each social media network has its own peak times for follower response. Rather than sending all your social messages out at once, investigate patterns of interaction and make sure to post when times are the most ideal.
Set your table.
There is nothing like the moment when the table is set, decorated, and laden with gastric delights. Just as your table and its offerings define your party or gathering, your social media campaign becomes a voice for your business; it is the “face” that your customers can interact with directly. Make sure the messaging you promote on social media integrates well with the other mediums you are using. بتلعب
Social media is an incredible vehicle for communicating with our customers, clients, and communities, but we need to know how to use it responsibly. Get your voice out there and be heard, yet keep an eye on your long-term goals and plans for future growth. If you are interested in using your social media campaign to its full potential and get your piece of the pie, contact the SEO consultants at EverEffect! We wish everyone a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

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