Every day, with frustration mounting, I read another article by an online video wonk touting the value of buying impressions. Stuff like –

  • Pre-roll Ads aren’t as pricey as you think they are
  • Simultaneous Viewings are the cat’s meow
  • Financial Services Company buys 85-million Impressions online

This is old school thinking so bad it could have come right out of those abandoned, decaying, one-room school houses that you can still stumble upon in rural America (circa 19th Century).

Offline (TV) is push, online should be pull; offline is intrusive advertising, online should be inclusive advertising; offline is about selling an impression; online should be about selling an interaction.

Mainstream folks will tell you that impressions indicate how many times someone saw your advertising. albendazole vs ivermectin I prefer to modify that statement by saying impressions are how many times someone could have seen your advertising.

How many people in your target audience are in the bathroom, rummaging around in the fridge, or using their clicky-things to fast forward when your message is playing? How many people actually pay attention to your nifty pre- or mid-roll video online? ivermectin fungal infection

It’s the tree in the forest thing: if your video runs and nobody watches it, does it really make an impression?

Now, if I have a video on my website, and it’s user-initiated (think opt-in), then I know darn well that that visitor chose to interact further with my brand. ivermectin as heartworm microfilaricide Even better, I can measure my video’s effectiveness. Even, even better, if I use email to invite viewership, and I have properly segmented my list, I can glean all manner of accurate, detailed demographic info. Oh, and I can track conversions, or what we call Return on Interaction.

See, traditional TV and Agency pros want to sell you potential eyeballs, not actions.

Bottom line, stop trying to buy an impression, and start trying to make one.

How do you know if someone is interacting with your brand? Stay tuned.

2 comments on “Impressions

Short attention span?

I want to comment but I do not need to. You have said it all. In a fairly succinct manner too. Keep up the good work.

Luc Wiesman

I have to agreed. I have a client at the moment busting my balls to run their TVC online. What they dont understand is that they’re buying impressions on the hope that every impression the ad is being watched.
When will they ever learn.

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