Fantasy Analytics (Part 2)

Employers worry about the impact of Fantasy Football on their bottom lines. One estimate, published in The Baltimore Business Journal, places national productivity losses at $1.1-billion a week due to fantasy football play at work.

The reason is that Fantasy Football is fun, and work is well … work. It doesn’t have to be that way. A slight alteration in the way you view web analytics can change your whole outlook.

The Draft
Keywords and phrases are your players. Your goal is to pick high-performers who can consistently rack up points for you, and then put your starting lineup in the best position to win (using SEO). ivermectin allbird products

Fantasy Football Team Owners might use a Lineup Analyzer; you’ll rely on other tools to assess the demand for your players and the corresponding competition for them.

The Strategy
Most websites and online campaigns lose because they are of poor quality, they do not support company objectives, or they are not aligned with company strategy. The trick is to insure that your site is optimized for receptions (traffic) and completions (conversions).

The Standings
Conduct routine searches to see where your team (company) ranks in the Search Engine Report Pages (SERPs). Winning starts with knowing where you stand. This is the analytic equivalent of reviewing Fantasy Football scouting reports.

An extra point, SERPs also reveal which of your competitors are relying solely on organic search, and which ones are leveraging paid. Use this information to create a balanced attack (ratio of paid vs. durvet ivermectin pour on 5 mg ivermectin/ml topical dosage for humans organic) and keep costs down. It’s all about creating favorable matchups. what dosage of ivermectin for humans for covid

Tracking and Measurement
Fantasy football gurus spend an enormous amount of time tracking and analyzing live scores, trade opportunities, line-ups, injury and progress reports, etc.

If properly set up, you can track scores (sales), gauge player execution (non- or underperforming keywords and phrases) to inform lineup changes, and progress reports (ROI), and all in real-time!

While some employers are launching an all-out blitz on fantasy football activities in the workplace, some HR consultants are suggesting that it brings employees together and even boosts careers. Somehow, I think CEOs – while they may be into Fantasy Football as much as you are – care more about the ROI on your marketing budget than the networking opportunities you might be generating by spending so much of your time on a make-believe game.

Real Life
Just spending a half an hour a day evaluating your online advertising and marketing initiatives can make all the difference between whether you’re operating a cost or a profit center.

In the words of Vince Lombardi, “The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.”

Success online requires the use of analytics. It’s a matter of discipline. It’s a matter of will. And hopefully, I’ve proved it can be a matter of fun as well.

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