Design A Digital Advertising Strategy to Increase ROI

One Minute Online. Do you know what happens in those 60 seconds? لعبة البوكر اون لاين Here are a few estimates:

  • 2,300 Amazon Transactions – resulting in over $203,000 in sales
  • 78 Million YouTube Videos Watched
  • 150 Million Emails Sent
  • 51,000 App Downloads from Apple
  • 95,000 App Downloads from Android
  • 4 Million Google Search Queries
  • 38,194 Posts to Instagram
  • 347,222 Tweets Sent on Twitter
  • 17,361 LinkedIn Member Profiles Viewed

Every day, new ways of searching and reaching targeted audiences are developed and new strategies are implemented, while the platforms used to gauge the success of these marketing strategies are continuously changing. Whether you are new to the world of PPC or consider yourself seasoned in the aggressive realm of digital advertising – keeping up with this dynamic online landscape can be overwhelming.
Now. How well is your company positioned to profit from these 60-second online opportunities?

True Success Does Not Happen in an Instant

You see the statistics; you hear the buzzwords. You can’t open your email or scroll through your social media accounts without running across an article or two -or three- about what your company should be doing NOW if you want to be an instant success. So tell me, when did true success ever happen in an instant? Unless of course, you win the lottery. Powerball numbers and scratch-off tickets aside, you may not make a billion dollars this instant, but the advertising decisions you do make in an instant can notably change your earnings reported in the next QTR. So, choose wisely. It’s worth the time to Analyze. Optimize. Monetize.

2 Most Important Questions

First and foremost, ask yourself:

  1. What determines our success? You cannot expect to be successful if what determines success is not clearly defined.
  2. Are our digital advertising objectives accurately and effectively measured? Success cannot be achieved if there is no form of measurement in place to determine if advertising objectives are being met.

Ask Questions, Questions and More Questions

080916_EverEffect_QuestionsWhere should we invest our advertising budget? Which marketing channel provides the best ROI? Should we invest more in mobile? Should we build an app? Are people downloading our app? And if they are, do they re-engage with it after the initial download? What is our competition doing? How do we compare? How can we dominate our market? What do we know about our current audience versus our target audience? Does our website speak to our target audience? Is it engaging and entertaining? Is our website functionality designed to meet our company goals?
The query list should go on and on … and much further on, believe me. This will help greatly in the challenge of finding the right answers. صور اونو
Content Marketing Institute publishes a research study, B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends, which compiles survey data from 5,000 marketers in 25 industries and 109 countries. On average, only 21% of marketers in North America successfully track ROI.

Get Connected

Successful digital advertising has increasingly become about creating entertaining and engaging multi-channel messaging that will captivate your target audience and lead them on a journey all the way from first impressions to solidifying long-term relationships. A few key points to help you get connected and deliver measurable results:

  • Understand the life cycle of each marketing medium
  • Use data analysis to tell the story
  • Leverage micro-moments to drive conversions

2016 is predicted to generate the most digital advertising ad revenue yet. What will your profit share be? Where will your advertising dollars be spent?
There are those questions, again.


PPC Account Manager Kristin Cox is an expert in developing and executing paid search strategies that focus on lead and revenue generation, audience engagement and brand awareness. She has a B.S. in Marketing and is AdWords and Bing certified. Through the use of creative web solutions and well-crafted messaging, Kristin has launched highly successful campaigns that emphasized mobile and video engagement and data-driven results. If you’re curious about what we’re thinking, give our posts a read. Or give us a call at 888-506-2183 for a face-to-face.

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