(Not Quite A) Juke Box Hero

Photography Services

By Ron Tupper - Mar 07, 2017

Standing in the rain With his head hung low He couldn’t get a ticket It was a sold out show Heard the roar of the crowd He could picture the scene Put his head to the wall And like a distant scream He heard one guitar It just blew him away… Lou Gramm and Mick […]

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The Happy Company Rule Book

Agency-Client Relationship

By Kacey Reynolds - Jan 31, 2017

My six-year-old looks at me today and says, “Mom, I know why the Christmas decorations are still up. It’s because you work too much.” #truth It is true that I am ever-proud and honored to be part of the EverEffect team. This career I fell into has become one that stretches me and pushes me […]

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Marketing Lessons from Spider Games

Content Strategy

By Thomas Heed - Dec 27, 2016

When I wore a (much) younger man’s clothes, one of the jobs I took to keep a roof over my head was bartending at a Phoenix eatery. Every month, a gentleman would come into the bar carrying boxes, jars, terrariums and other containers filled with natural predators, which he pitted one against the other.  He […]

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Is Your Web Content Telling Your Story?

Content Strategy

By Dana Lewis - Dec 13, 2016

Since the dawn of time, storytelling has been a part of the fabric of our society. From man’s earliest cave drawings to today’s graphic novels, we communicate through stories. Scientists believe the brain processes and retains information more readily when it’s presented in a story format. Some might think there isn’t a need for storytelling. […]

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EverEffect Selected as Premier Google Partner

AdWords Fundamentals, EverEffect News

By Chris Bross - Dec 01, 2016

Don’t take our word for it. Take Google’s. As a Premier Google Partner, EverEffect has exclusive access to Google expertise – given to only a select number of Google Partners worldwide. Now, we can help our clients and potential customers learn the latest industry trends and how to best leverage them through exclusive webinars with […]

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Realize the Impending Impact of “Mobile-First”

AdWords Fundamentals, SEM

By Thomas Heed - Nov 29, 2016

TA·BU·let Ra·sa – (ˈtäbyo͝olet ˈräsəˈ) noun A mind not yet affected by (tablet) experiences or impressions; an absence of preconceived ideas or predetermined goals; a clean (tablet) slate. In the good ol’ days of AdWords it was possible to bid separately by device: Desktop, Phone and Tablet. With AdWords’ introduction of Enhanced Campaigns some three […]

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Best Client Ever – Children’s Bureau, Inc.

Client Case Studies, Video Marketing

By Roundtable Discussion - Nov 15, 2016

“This is really terrific! All the feedback we received has been positive. You did a great job of capturing the human element, and for that I cannot thank you enough.” -Annie Martinez, Vice President of Communications & Development, Children’s Bureau With over 165 years of experience, Children’s Bureau, Inc. advocates for children and their families […]

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New episode of The EverEffect Zone: “The Four-Legged Barstool”

Agency-Client Relationship, Business Strategies

By Thomas Heed - Nov 01, 2016

Spooky. [music up & under] Rod Serling-type voiceover begins… Use a key to unlock the door to imagination. Beyond it lies another dimension. A dimension of sight. A dimension of sound. A world of shadow and substance (creative & content); things and ideas (strategy & analysis). Look. Up ahead. A signpost. You are now entering […]

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Video Spotlight: Classic Auto Insurance

Notable Projects, Video Marketing

By Ron Tupper - Oct 20, 2016

“We have been working with EverEffect for over five years now. Given that length of time, we’re sure you can imagine we are more than pleased with the results.” Longtime client Classic Auto Insurance not only offers classic car collectors specialty insurance policies for less, they love collector and classic cars just as much as they […]

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Using Video to Energize Academic Curriculums

Notable Projects, Video Marketing

By Janet Muniz - Oct 18, 2016

Recently, the Northeast Wisconsin (NEW) Manufacturing Alliance along with local technology teachers and area businesses launched a new installment of the celebrated Get Real Math academic curriculum initiative. “When am I ever going to use this?” NEW Alliance Chairperson Bill Bartnik is convinced that the key to having a robust manufacturing economy in Northeast Wisconsin […]

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Successful Web Design for Personal Injury Lawyers

Notable Projects, Website Design

By Janet Muniz - Oct 04, 2016

Can doing “a solid” for a former colleague turn into a rich and satisfying business partnership? You bet it can. Earlier this year, EverEffect introduced website design as one of our core digital services. Headed by 20-year tech vet John Nichols and 15-year design wiz Andrew Sherman, this service combines user-friendly architecture, brand-defining content and […]

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Effective Keyword Selection & Management

Pay Per Click

By Thomas Heed - Sep 20, 2016

Do cats really like to cuddle? What does cat cuddling have to do with Pay Per Click? Only everything. Over the years, we’ve managed PPC Accounts containing well over one million Keywords combined. To date, one Keyword stands out. A one-in-a-million Keyword. A stunning Keyword, not for its relevance or startling performance. For its mere […]

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